Tropical Divers – Let's get tropical

Tropical Divers is a SSI certified dive school on Bonaire. Whether you are a beginner or are already an experienced diver, or even a pro – Bonaire is the right place for you. We offer professional, fun and personalised recreational courses; from Try Scuba, Open Water Diver or continue your diving journey with a Nitrox class, deep diving or a wreck speciality at the Hilma Hooker, only to name a few of the specialities we teach. Or would you like to take your diving to the next level, then the Advanced Adventurer is the right course for you or push your adventure even further with the Advanced Open Water Diver.

We want you to have an unforgettable vacation!


This globally-recognized certification program is the best way to begin your life-long adventure as a certified scuba diver. Personalized training is combined with in-water practice sessions to ensure you have the skills and experience required to become truly comfortable underwater.

The SSI Enriched Air Nitrox program will teach you how to safely plan and dive with enriched air mixtures of up to 40% oxygen. Diving with enriched air can increase your no-decompression limits, increase your safety, and reduce the required length of your surface intervals when compared to air.

Stress is a major cause of diving accidents and negatively impacts rescue situations. This program teaches you the skills and knowledge required to recognize and deal with stress, prevent accidents and properly deal with emergency situations encountered by divers.

Do you want to discover diver sites that can't be reached from shore, discover the magic of ostracods or are you feeling adventurous? We have the right kind of diving for you:

Boat diving

We are regularly organising boat dives to dive sites that can't be reached from shore and to Klein Bonaire. The maximum group size for these dives is 8 divers.

Ostracod night diving

Discover the magic show the ostracod are putting on a few nights after full moon and let them mesmerise you with their blue firework show. Join us for this night dive !

East Coast diving

Are you already a bit more experienced and are curious how the reef on the east coast looks like? We can take you there

Our Shop

We keep an extensive assortment of things, which the diver really needs. High quality BCs, regulator sets, diving computer, dive lights, Sidemount equipment etc. Looking for a good deal on regulators or colored MiFlex hoses? You are searching for a metric O-ring? Your equipment needs some maintenance?

Pass by. We will happily help you.